Banished to the Forest

THE Treelogy - Book One

Graham Scott

ISBN: 978-1-9999381-0-9

Published: 2017

152mm x 229mm


254 pages

Published by: The Message Medium

RRP: £6.99

Five boys are banished from the great stone city of Burgh. Two are innocent, but all are expected to be killed within the day in the endless wild forest. How can they survive? 

Strange forest folk take them in but Tom must learn axe craft for food and defence. And he learns he can hear the slow thoughts of the great forest, which warns him of a dark peril approaching from the Empty Lands. 

With no stone walls to protect them, will any of the surviving boys have to stand in the terrifying shield wall?

GRAHAM SCOTT has been writing professionally for about 40 years but this is his first work of fiction. In it hopefully you will learn to love and understand trees; to see how clever crows are; and to learn how to throw an axe safely and ­accurately!

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