The terrys of cork: merchant gentry 1180-1644

kevin terry

THIS BOOK looks at Terrys of Cork between 1180 and 1644. Particular attention to the merchant and trading activities of the families over the generations in the City is provided. Their civic role is covered as well as settlement patterns in the surrounding countryside. This book will seek to establish some of the political, social, and economic reasons for their rise to prominence from the 16th century, their maintenance of this position for 250 years, through to their expulsion together with other Old English families in 1644.

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Tavistock parish church: homage to eustachius's

gerry woodcock

TAVISTOCK PARISH CHURCH is one of only three English churches to be dedicated to St Eustachius, a Roman soldier in the army of the Emperor Hadrian, who suffered martyrdom following his conversion to Christianity. The building is part of the story that is told in these pages. Most important, however, are the people. The 57 vicars, the 36 patrons, the numerous curates, readers, wardens, musicians, choristers, ringers, and other officers and servants of the church, as well as the innumerable generations who occupied the pews and to whose memory the book is dedicated.

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PHILLIMORE book publishing

sevenoaks: an historical dictionary

​david killingray & elizabeth purves

THE SEVENOAKS HISTORICAL DICTIONARY is a new kind of illustrated history explaining how the town grew and developed and the many people who contributed to its life. The alphabetical entries have been written by more than one hundred local contributors and draw on a great store of knowledge and skill. The format enables readers of all ages to find answers to the questions that they might ask: 'Why was Sevenoaks a market town?'.

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