the History of the haberdashers' Company

Dr Ian W. Archer has substantially rewritten his two previous contributions to the history of the Haberdashers’ Company, a general History written in 1991, and a supplementary account of the Company in the later 20th century written to coincide with the opening of the present Hall.  The revised version takes into account the considerable advances in scholarly research and understanding of the social,  economic and cultural history of the City of London, and draws upon previously unknown source material. A new edition also presents an opportunity for enriching the visual record of the Company’s history.  

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PHILLIMORE book publishing

A Hidden Gem: The fashioning and filling

of the haberdashers' hall

A HIDDEN GEM is about a recent addition to the City of London's architectural heritage which is now in its tenth year of use. The 'gem' in this instance is not a precious stone but rather a jewel of a building - Haberdashers' Hall.

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green gold: a thousand years of english land

peter clery

UNTIL THE MIDDLE of the 19th century, control of the land was the key to power and wealth. This sometimes provocative book outlines the tax-gathering skills of the Anglo-Saxon Earldomen, the futility of 'Danegeld', the ability of William the Conqueror's men to slaughter those Saxons and forcibly 'take title to the whole realm'. This book is essential reading for farmers, landowners and everyone interested in the past, present and future of English land.

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